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Successful Engineer Who Translate Client’s Thought into Reality with the Aid of Creativity

المهندس الناجح هو الذي يحول افكار الزبون الى عمل هندسي ويضيف اليه الابداع.

Value-Added Engineering


Altanoq consultancy is an Iraqi firm, first established in Mosul city in 1999 to provide construction services.

After that the service extended in many types and areas to cover more than 10 governorates in Iraq including:

Baghdad , Erbil , Duhok , Sulaymanya , Karkuk , Salahadin , Ramadi , Karbala , Kut , Najaf … etc.

Key Personnel

Mohanad Mahmood Ismael

Mohanad Mahmood Ismael


Bashar Muayad Jmeel Khayyat

Bashar Muayad Jmeel Khayyat

Authorized Manager

Abdul Hafith Salih Mohamed

Abdul Hafith Salih Mohamed


What can we help you with?


We bring decades of best practices to advise you!


Using the latest technology, techniques, and comprehensive services, we offer exceptional engineered construction solutions.


We offer all our service to help you invest to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit in the future.

Teaching & Training

We offer conferences for projects that include professional learning opportunities for teachers, leaders, and instructional coaches